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The European Research Biology Center (ERBC) announces its inception

ERBC: the leading independent European Contract Research Organization (CRO), expert in Pharmacology and Toxicology

  • The European Research Biology Center (ERBC) offers a new non-clinical full-service and an expected alternative in the more and more concentrated world of "CRO’s"
  • An exhaustive panel of preclinical models and of toxicology/pre-IND regulatory packages, from study design to reports, merging more than 80 years of cumulated experience between CERB, France and RTC, Italy

Baugy, France, and Pomezia/Roma, Italy, October 31, 2019 – The European Research Biology Center (ERBC) announces its inception, stemming from the merger of 2 well established CRO’s: CERB (Centre de Recherches Biologiques, Baugy, France) and RTC (Research Toxicology Centre, Pomezia RM, Italy). Serge Richard, PharmD, PhD, previously CEO of CERB, is becoming CEO of ERBC Group.

Serge Richard, CEO of ERBC Group, commented:After several years of fruitful cooperation between RTC and CERB, we are thrilled to join forces and offer a critical mass of credible and efficient alternative to the big CRO’s. We are proud to be a unique European player in the field. Our partnerships with pharma, other CRO’s and independent experts play a key role in driving improvements in pharmaceutical and chemical industries, delivering better data to regulators as well as improved value to study sponsors.

ERBC is focused on excellence, tailor made services, from preclinical proof-of-concept to market, in specialized areas: notably in cardiology, electrophysiology and pharmacology models as well as in rodents and non-rodents toxicology studies (short and long-term). The new company offers a comprehensive range of experimental capabilities: preclinical models, full regulatory pre-IND package and consultancy services. ERBC’s primary goal is to de-risk innovation and enhance R&D productivity of drug discovery, and for chemical industry professionals. ERBC articulates technical, scientific and regulatory expertise, as well as know-how and track record required for non-clinical studies of any type of drug candidate or chemical compound.

With a seasoned team of highly qualified scientists and personnel in France and Italy, ERBC has a customercentric approach while committed in improving all aspects of non-clinical study design and conduct, combining the 3R’s and considering animal well-being as a top priority. We are movitvated to go to work each day, realizing that our focus, dedication and our scientific excellence, contributes to the final patients’ health and consumers safety and well-being. We are ready to help structuring your project to add value to your project and your company by listening first to what your real needs are. Contact us, let’s start to talk.